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Podcasts and Webcasts

Podcasts and Webcasts

Podcasts and Webcasts

To pod or to web…What is the difference???

Podcasts tell a story or express an authors opinion on a certain topic, they are comprised of audio, music and at times sound effects. They are usually recorded from the comfort of their own homes and typically do not have  a live audience.

Webcasts differ because they have a live audience and at times require the audience to interact for it to be considered successful. Webcasts are more commonly used in my opinion by churches, schools, people giving speeches as well as sports illustrators. Topics are based on more realistic views as opposed to the authors opinions.


Streaming Media

Media streaming has bee popular for quite some time now. Streaming media allows users to send video and audio files over a network and can be accessed anywhere without the hasell of having to save the file on a computer. There are many services and providers that help with streaming media. One of the most used is youtube. Youtube allows authors to download video and webcasts ad distribute it for public viewing. Netflix and Hulu and media streaming programs that allows users to access movies as well as TV shows. By paying a small monthly fee after creating an account a user is able to have access to all the movies and Tv shows that are out there.